We started with a big bang into 2017

We started off 2017 with our annual evaluation. Under the guidance of our beloved supervisor Wolfgang we discussed not only the “pearls” (best moments of 2016) but also the “nuts” we have to crack this year. We decided last year to spread our events over the whole year rather than just the summer. So far, this has been very successful! We are also pleased to welcome some new active members and with them we are looking forward to having an amazing year packed with fresh projects and events.


What do we plan to do? To give you a heads up, we started Snehalayam yoga classes with the lovely Anna last year and we would like to make “Snehalayam Yoga Classes” a regular event.  We are also excited about an idea to create an Indian cookery book.

Get in touch if you are interested in participating in a project or joining our foundation. You can contact us by emailing snehalayam@gmx.de, or by messaging us on our Facebook site. Or better still come and talk to us at one of our events!

Feel the spirit by becoming part of our Snehalayam e.V. family!

What a night!

This year we hosted our second benefit Snehalayam Party. It was a fantastic night! Over 200 people danced to 5 DJs in the Berlin club “Freudenzimmer”. We would like to thank all the supporters, Snehalayam e.V. members, and guests . Not to forget the DJs Kirschen Kalle, Hatschi Hal F, Palina Rojinski, Max Schumann and Tim Krull. A special thanks goes to the team of the Freudenzimmer.

Within the next few months the money raised at the party will go directly to supporting the children and elderly in Snehalayam.

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