Larah Leege talks about her time in India


‘One thing I learned during my time in Snehalayam is that it often only takes one moment to stop and turn around to experience something beautifull or even peaceful.’


Larag volunteered in Snehalayam from September 2013 to April 2014. Her endless private initative and engagement helped a lot to easen up the everyday life in the orphanage. Every morning she made sure that the kids were in time going to school, had a clean school uniform and all their books to take the bus, which just comes once a day to pick the children up. Even before school she quickly stiched clothes or bags for the kids.

Further she also helped Tojo with a lot of finance and accounting stuff and entertained the elderly with games and creative handicrafts. Impressive we found how fast she learned Tamil, the language the people speak in this part of India. This helped her to build up a strong connection, even to the smallest children who are not able to speak english that much yet.

‘It is not easy to find words to describe the feeling how it is to be in the orphanage, laughing and roumping around with the kids, in a scenary that is mindblowing. I loved to watch the sunset while hundreds of ‘Dragonflies‘ were flying over my head and I just thought how easy life sometimes can be. But one story I will never forget when talking about Snehalayam. I was sitting at the front gate of snehalayam and worked on a  Kolam (a picture created with coloured powder) as Tojo came to me and asked my why I only used white as a colour. I responsed that an Indian woman told me that colours are only used when there is a reason to celebrate for istance on festive days. And in the typical Snehalayam way he told me: ‘But Larah, here in Snehalayam every day is a festival.’

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