Everyday life in the children’s home

Tojo’s Snehalayam gives the children a roof over their head as well as decent nutrition. The children are taught and provided with the means to maintain a standard of personal hygiene, and given the possibility for receiving academic education as well as support in their creative and physical talents.

In addition to attending to these material needs, the kids are given a real home, in which they can feel comfortable and at rest, in which they can learn to communicate with other humans and support one another. This is a place in which these young people can be one thing above all: carefree and cheerful children!

Activities during the Day

With complete dedication, enthusiasm and love for all humanity, Tojo endeavours to show the kids their limitless potential by giving them opportunities to discover and develop their personal talents. This includes painting lessons as well as making music in the group and daily physical exercises involving different kinds of sports.

Different activities such as theatre, dance and music courses are organised in Snehalayam in order to give the kids the possibility of discovering their own potential, to further their stock of creativity and to create opportunities in which to address their own individual tendencies and preferences. Furthermore, Yoga and meditation classes are held, aimed at increasing the concentration of the children and improve their ability to sit quietly, read, listen and write.

Teaching Values and Boundaries

The children in Tojo’s Snehalayam are there out of free will and naturally the temptation exists, especially in the beginning, to run away and regain their so-called ‘freedom’ on the streets. The team in Tojo’s Snehalayam believes in the power of patience and the art of listening in order to win the children trust and help them to start a new life.

Day after day Tojo’s Snehalayam-Team tries to help the kids leave their terrible past behind and to convey virtuous values in them, which they were never taught before. Moreover, there is consensus among the Snehalayam-Team that a solid structure is needed in order to give back the children their footing and orientation.

The Daily Rhythm

As a result the community in Tojo’s Snehalayam has a daily rhythm. The children go to school in the morning and do their homework in the afternoon, occasionally receiving support from two tutors. Furthermore, the kids help with almost all the activities in the house such as cleaning the house, as well as washing their clothes and the dishes.

Through their performing and achieving little tasks every day the Snehalayam-Team tries to give back the children their pride and lead them to grow into responsible human beings. The successes of these little tasks and of the different courses in regards to the behaviour of the kids has encouraged the Snehalayam-Team to continue giving their all and help the kids in their education as well as their re-integration into a normal life in society.

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