What is Tojo’s Snehalayam?

„The Little Servants Trust cares for those, that have been ostracised by Indian society and politics. Many children live on the streets homeless, hopeless and without any guidance having to fight for their survival every day. In Snehalayam, the house of Love, these restless kids find a haven of warmth, security and belonging.” (Tojo Sunny, founder and former leader of the Little Servants Trust; RIP 2015)

Tojo’s Snehalayam is a Christian children’s home and orphanage housing more than 25 boys and located in one of the suburbs of Pondicherry, a city in southeast India. Founder and head of the charity was Tojo Sunny until he died last year. The orphanage is now lead by Leela and a brother of Tojo. For more information please click here:

Giving the children back their childhood

Tojo’s Snehalayam is a place of love, harmony and warmth and wants to convey and give exactly that to the children: the possibility of becoming part of this chain, that gives others support, courage and hope. A place where the children can be looked after and cared for as they need and deserve it.

The idea of Snehalayam is to give back the children their lost opportunities and open all those doors that were previously closed to them. Being in Tojo’s Snehalayam means learning how to be a child again!

Calling Tojo’s Snehalayam a ‘children’s home’ really does not capture its essence: Tojo’s Snehalayam is a family home. The boys all called Tojo ‘Appa’, which means father in Tamil, whereas Leela is the loving and caring aunt. Even in our work outside of India, we always refer to ourselves as being part of Tojo’S Snehalayam family.

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