Who is living in Tojo’s Snehalayam?

Tojo’s Snehalayam is a Christian children’s home and orphanage housing more than 25 boys and 30 elderly located in one of the suburbs of Pondicherry, a city in southeast India. It is a place for the old and young to find a home that provides nutrition and a roof over their heads.

A home for everybody in need

Tojo’s Snehalayam is a place where people of all kinds can live together such as orphans and other lost children and elderly, the physically handicapped, as well as mentally and terminally ill patients. Even a disabled dog wasn’t denied refuge and now lives as part of the Snehalayam family!

The purity and gracefulness of Tojo’s Snehalayam fulfils the last wishes of these people: to die with dignity after a cumbersome life and to a better end than that of just another dog on the road.

Although the interaction between young and old is small, the experience each take away is always visible. From the wisdom of a Grandmothers story telling to the infectious laughter of a small child.

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