In Memory of Tojo Sunny – Founder of Tojo‘s Snehalayam

In Memory of Tojo Sunny

The loss of Tojo Sunny

It is with great sadness and deep grief that we mourn the death of Tojo, our great father and director of Snehalayam, renamed Tojo’s Snehalayam in his honour and memory. Tojo died at the age of 42 in a hospital near Pondicherry following an allergic reaction to antibiotics, which caused heart failure.

Tojo was more than just the director and founder of Tojo’s Snehalayam. He was a father, a teacher, a true inspiration for everyone that surrounded him. It is our duty as supporters of Tojo’s Snehalayam and friends of Tojo’s to continue to support the dream he was living for: creating a home for the ostracised and turning it into a family.

Leela and one of Tojo’s brothers are currently taking care of Tojo’s Snehalayam and Snehalayam e.V. will continue to support them as well as we can and try to help wherever possible. Thank you all for being with us during these difficult times.

Tojo Sunny – in memoriam

(15.05.1973 – 23.07.2015)

The first look at your face was enough to be overwhelmed by your spirit and being. Put simply, one would say: you have your heart in the right place. But that doesn’t do you and your life’s philosophy justice. There, where other people draw the line, your path began. You dedicated your life to those in need. You followed your heart and faith and realised your dream. In the deep knowing that your happiness depends on the wellbeing and joy of those around you, you wandered along rocky paths and abysses, accepted disappointments and set-backs, only to turn them into further steps of your path.

Your zest for life and your positive spirit were infectious, and you inspired those around you to see the beauty of this world and to give themselves to the joyful passion of music, play and community. With your unconditional love you turned strangers into a big family. Your spirit and your ideas will always guide the vision of Snehalayam, even if other people have to take over the responsibility now. Your spirit and ideas will also always carry us, whom you have touched so deeply, and show us the way in times when we might feel lost.

It is very difficult to let you go. There was no opportunity to say goodbye, to thank you and to show you one last time what a precious person, friend and brother you were to us all. You lived your life fully and followed your heart. At the end – of that we are sure – you would not have wanted to do anything differently on your path. Thank you, dear Tojo, for all that you were, are and will always be.

In loving memory, your friends of Snehalayam e.V.

– composed by Patrick Boschkov, founding member and former first chairman of Snehalayam e.V.