Become a volunteer at Snehalayam

Support the Orphanage on-site and experience what it means to take responsibility for others.

Since August 2012 the association Snehalayam e.V. offers young people the possibility to become active members of the Snehalayam-family and to experience the magic of the place for themselves through the volunteering program.

We want to offer everyone who is interested the opportunity to dive into a completely new, different and thrilling culture, to meet beautiful people, to learn, share, give, and to experience the pleasure of campaigning for others. Volunteering at Snehalayam means to engage with the environment and the community, to grow through intercultural exchange and the adoption of different perspectives, to become part of something „new“, something bigger. We’re looking for ambitious, open and independent volunteers to support Tojo, the children and the elderly; for volunteers, who want to experience for themselves why Snehalayam receives our deepest trust and support.

As a volunteer you will be faced with the following duties:

Active participation at Snehalayam:

  • helping with/maintaining the flow of the daily routine (washing, dressing, meals)
  • helping with homework
  • leisure activities (games, theater/music/arts)

Supporting the elderly:

  • nursing
  • leisure activities

Everyday life / daily routine:

  • cooking, washing, shopping
  • office work (accounting, filing)
  • communication / exchange with Germany

Requirements for Snehalayam volunteers:

  • You are male (Snehalayam is a boys-only Orphanage. Our experience showed that male volunteers experience less barriers)
  • You are open, ambitious, engaged, creative and independent
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • Your possess good knowledge of the english language
  • It would be desirable if you already got some ideas regarding own projects (e.g. music, theater, arts, sports).

Requirements for „weltwärts e.V.“ services:

  • apply to Snehalayam e.V. and our partner ICE e.V.
  • You have to be aged between 18 and 26 years
  • Volunteering duration of 12 months

Volunteers willing to come without the support of „weltwärts e.V.“ :

  • self-financing (insurance, flight, etc.)

What you can expect from us as a Snehalayam Volunteer:

  • preparation-, midstay- and conclusion/closing workshops
  • Support in your preparations for the stay
  • personal, direct mentoring and support whenever needed!
  • opportunity to contact us anytime with questions or requests
  • freedom to get to know a completely different culture and language

If we awoke your interest, please feel free to contact Leonie (, who will send you the application form on demand. We are looking forward to every question and application!


The volunteering service at Snehalayam e.V. is no recognised substitute for the german civil service, and will only be governmentally supported via the separate application at „weltwärts e.V.“. Furthermore, neither Snehalayam e.V. nor the Orphanage itself are responsible for your safety on-site. Extreme and recurrent misbehavior may lead to the exclusion of the volunteer from the program.